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Kymani- Our Story

Kymani’s founder has years of experience in the world of events. When 2020 happened and the events industry collapsed we knew how to combine professional expertise with a  personal love of all things camping, festivals and the great outdoors, and create something really unique for the UK travel market.

Kymani Glamping holidays
person in a hammock enjoying Kymani glamping holidays

Why We Exist

Kymani was borne out of a shared frustration of having experienced how difficult it is to find beautiful, high-end glamping sites for groups. We know how important it is for us to get together with our groups of friends, families and colleagues in the great British countryside - especially after the last year. We were determined to be able to offer groups large or small the chance to book either as a Collective of smaller groups, or to hire the site out exclusively for those really special moments when you don't want to share a site with others. 

Having worked in the corporate world for a long time and therefore been on no end of the dreaded ‘team-building’ away days in a stuffy hotel conference room, it is obvious there is a very real need for groups of colleagues to get away and do something a little bit different and to bring the office outdoors in a safe, socially-distanced way. .

Another issue we wanted to tackle was to remove the stress  of organising groups of people (the words herding cats springs to mind). We knew that if there was the option to pre-plan, pre-book and pre-pay for everything that it would mean we could spend the time together actually catching up or discussing that new corporate direction, rather than worrying about cooking or shopping.



Inner City Kids Charity Partnership 

We grew up in London and we know how special it was for us to escape to the country in our summer holidays. However many families just don't get the chance to do this, meaning many inner-city kids may never have left the city or been camping. 


Which is why we are delighted to be working with The Liminality Group. Founded in 2011 by  Andrez Harriott BSc, MA,in order to work with young people and young adults, often during the difficult times within their lives, it's sole aim is of developing their potential for a better future. Each year the organisation aims to provide children and young people at risk of criminality and exploitation with rural residential experiences which provide psychological relief from the challenges of living within urbanised environments. All of our groups will have the chance to make a donation - if you choose to do so The Liminality Group will be forever grateful.